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Employment and labor laws in Pennsylvania can be complex and challenging to navigate for both employers and employees. From discrimination claims to overtime pay, numerous issues may arise between employer and employee. When you need an experienced employment attorney in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, turn to the skilled team at Johnson Duffie.

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When to Hire an Employment and Labor Law Firm

A professional employment and labor law firm is helpful to businesses of all sizes and organization types to provide counsel on all aspects of employment and labor law. Typical scenarios where Johnson Duffie attorneys deliver value to our clients include discipline and discharge, defense against discrimination and wrongful termination complaints, and complying with federal and state laws and regulations.

Employee Discipline and Discharge

Your business or organization relies on productive employees to carry out the daily tasks that keep your company operating and growing. When employee behavior interferes with these goals, discipline may be the solution. The experienced team at Johnson Duffie can make the process smoother by guiding you on topics like:

  • Defining permitted and prohibited employee behavior
  • Developing a clear progressive discipline outline, including documentation procedures for supervisory personnel
  • Identifying grounds for termination
  • Preparing and revising employee handbooks and policies

When employee discharge becomes a reality — whether due to employee behavior or a strategic business decision — your organization must have a well-designed strategy in place. A knowledgeable employment and labor law attorney from Johnson Duffie can help you:

  • Create and prepare severance agreements
  • Defend against unemployment compensation claims
  • Prevent unnecessary liability

Discrimination Defense

It does not take more than a few clicks in a search engine to generate an answer for how to report employment and labor law violations in Pennsylvania. Making false reports is precisely what some disgruntled employees do, often tying complaints to the Pennsylvania employment discrimination laws.

The employment and labor law attorneys at Johnson Duffie have extensive experience with discrimination defense. As your advocate, we work closely with you to develop a solid case and present it to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission when necessary.

Regulatory Compliance

Many state and federal laws and regulations apply to employers, governing things like:

  • Overtime pay and minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act
  • Workplace safety issues under the Occupational and Safety Health Act
  • Child labor laws

Some industries maintain specific employment and labor-related regulations too, such as those applying in healthcare, transportation, and real estate. Johnson Duffie’s skilled employment and labor law attorneys keep employers like you compliant with a thorough understanding of these regulations, where they apply and how to abide by them.

Benefits of Working With an Employment and Labor Law Attorney

Many advantages exist for contacting a full-service employment and labor law firm like Johnson Duffie, including:

Informed advice and well-trained eyes: Your lawyers know what to look for and how to guide you on the next best steps. Their ability to draw on previous experience can help you seamlessly navigate the legal process.
Communications and filings: Your attorney will handle all the communication with other parties involved and file necessary documentation on your behalf, preventing additional stress or anxiety for you.
Negotiating and mediating skills: An experienced lawyer possesses the knowledge and expertise to resolve issues with alternative methods to avoid costly litigation when possible.

Get the Employment and Labor Law Attorney You Deserve

Partner with Johnson Duffie as your employment and labor law defense firm and benefit from decades of settlement and litigation experience. Our legal professionals have the knowledge and skill necessary to protect your employment and labor rights and decisions. Contact an employment lawyer in Harrisburg, PA today to schedule a confidential consultation, or call any of our three area locations for immediate assistance.

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