Attorney Manley assisted me with a personal legal matter. He was responsive, attentive, thorough and his energy is absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend him.

Dr. Raymond E. Dahl


Personally am using Johnson and Duffie for a current custody case.
I hired Johnson and Duffie after I fired another firm for pretty much talking to me like I was a joke and just taking my money, doing nothing for my child.
Once I hired Johnson and Duffie, their attorney believed in me, which intern helped me save my child from what she was going through.
If it weren’t for Johnson and Duffie I don’t know where we would be legally, and if my child would still be with us. They helped save her LIFE!
If you’re looking for a firm that will believe in you and will fight for you, please use Johnson a Duffie!
I will forever be grateful to Johnson and Duffie for truly believing in Justice and always being that legal guidance that stands above the rest.
I hope this helps you decide who to use if you ever need to obtain legal assistance.

Shannon Johnson


My husband, Kevin, was a client of Wade Manley. Wade was very down to earth and very professional. The outcome couldn’t have been any better. He was extremely satisfied with his experience. From Kevin and Anne Faust…thank you once again!

Anne Faust